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in Brno, Czech Republic
June 23 - 25, 2004
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 List of Posters
 1 G. M. Poletaev - M. S. Aksenov - Mikhail D. Starostenkov - J. V. PatzevaLocally Initiated Elastic Waves in 2D Metalsposter Abstract
 2 Ji?í BuršíkEffect of Ordering on the Elastic Parameters of Multicomponent Ni-based Systemsposter Abstract
 3 G. M. Poletaev - J. V. Patzeva - N. M. Gurova - Mikhail D. StarostenkovThe Research of Self-Diffusion Mechanism in 2D Metals in the Conditions of the Deformationposter Abstract
 4 Christian F. Robertson - Christophe J. Déprés - M.C. Fivel - Suzanne DegallaixLocal Stress Concentrations Analysis and Their Relation to Incipient Damage Initiation in Fatigued 316L Steel, using Discrete Dislocation Dynamics Modelingposter Abstract
 5 Raquel Rodríguez-Martín - I. Ocaña-Arizcorreta - A. Martín-MeizosoModelling Cleavage Fracture in High Strength Steels and their Weldsposter Abstract
 6 Jana Horníková - Pavel Šandera - Jaroslav PokludaOn the Crack Tip Shielding in Particle Reinforced Compositesposter Abstract
 7 Petr Haušild - Clotilde Berdin - Andreas RossollModelling of the Charpy Impact Test in the DBTT Rangeposter Abstract
 10 Pavel Tománek - Pavel Dobis - Markéta Benešová - Lubomír GrmelaNear-Field Optical Measurement of Carrier Recombination in InAs/GaAs Quantum Dotsposter Abstract
 11 Bohumil David - Nad?žda Pizúrová - Old?ich Schneeweiss - P. Bezdi?ka - J. Filip - R. Alexandrescu - I. Morjan - A. Crunteanu - I. VoicuAnnealing Behaviour of Fe-C-N Nanopowder: Formation of iron/graphite Core–Shell Structured Nanoparticlesposter Abstract
 12 Hamid Sarraf - Ji?í Havrda - V. Hulínský - M. Maryška - R. HerbigFactors Influencing the Microstructure and Phase content of Ultra-fine Y-TZP Ceramicsposter Abstract
 13 A. L. Berezina - Tatyana A. Monastyrska - Elena A. Segida - K.V. Chuistov - U. Scmidt - A. V. Kotko - V. I. Lad’yanov - A. L. Bel’tyukov - V. A. VolkovPhenomenon of the Anomalous Supersaturation in Al-Sc, Al-Mg-Sc Alloys Quenched from the Liquid Stateposter Abstract
 14 Tomasz Podgrabinski - Petr Slepi?ka - Vladimír Rybka - Václav Švor?íkElectrical Properties of Polymer Compositesposter Abstract
 15 Vendula Havlová - Pavel Lej?ekMigration of the 45°[100],(001)/(011) Asymmetrical Tilt Grain Boundary in an Fe–6at%Si Alloyposter Abstract
 16 Olga Kubová - L. Ba?áková - Václav Švor?íkBiocompatibility of Carbon layer on Polymerposter Abstract
 17 Regina Mikulíková - K. Kolá?ová - L. Ba?áková - Václav Švor?íkBiocompatibility of Polyethylene Doped with Oxycelluloseposter Abstract
 18 Vilma Buršíková - Ji?í Buršík - Vladislav NavrátilStudy of the Fracture of Coating/Substrate Systemsposter Abstract
 19 Z. Frgala - O. Jašek - M. Eliáš - Ji?ina Mat?jková - Antonín RekStudy of Carbon Films on Silicon Substratesposter Abstract
 20 Petr Slepi?ka - Tomasz Podgrabinski - M. Špirková - Václav Švor?ík - Vladimír RybkaComparison of Gold Layers Prepared by Sputtering and Vacuum Evaporationposter Abstract
 21 Bartlomiej Fassa - Jerzy Kaleta - Wojciech WisniewskiExamination of Athermal Martensitic Transformation Resulting from Cyclic Deformation of Austenitic Steelposter Abstract
 22 Jaroslav Balík - Miloš Jane?ek - J. Peši?kaCrack Growth Anomalies in Base Steel P91 and in HAZposter Abstract
 23 Anna Ryndová - Miroslav Doložílek - Jan PilchThe Modulus of Elasticity and Damping Characteristics of the Glassfibre Reinforced Concreteposter Abstract
 24 A. L. Berezina - Tatyana A. Monastyrska - O. A. MolebnyAgeing processes in the Al-Mg, Al-Mg-Sc alloys and their influence on the mechanical propertiesposter Abstract
 25 Yu. N. Koval - G. E. Monastyrsky - Valery V. Odnosum - T. Czeppe - Anton Yu. Sezonenko - Tatyana A. MonastyrskaInfluence of the Alloying on NiAl Based Alloysposter Abstract

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