Second International Colloquium on


in Brno, Czech Republic
July 1.- 3., 1998

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Institute of Physical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, TU Brno
Institute of Materials Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, TU Brno
Czech Society for Advanced Materials and Technologies
Materials Science Society of the Czech Republic

International Advisory Board
S. Harada (JP) I. Saxl (CZ)
A. Krasowsky (UA) V. Sklenička (CZ)
C. Laird (US) S. Stanzl-Tschegg (AT)
P. Lukáč (CZ) J. Švejcar (CZ)
P. Lukáš (CZ) J. Vrbka (CZ)
R. Pippan (AT) V. Vitek (US)
J. Pokluda (CZ) M. Zemánková (CZ)
E.R. de los Rios (UK) M. Zehetbauer (AT)

Steering Committee:
J. Pokluda (IPE, Brno, CZ)
I. Saxl (IM, Prague, CZ)
J. Švejcar (IME, Brno, CZ)

P. Šandera Institute of Physical Engineering, FME TU Brno,
Technická 2, CZ-616 69 Brno, Czech Republic
Phone: (+420-5) 41142824, (+420-5) 41142821
Fax: (+420-5) 41142842


MSMF-2 will be focused on fundamental relations between structural and mechanical characteristics of crystalline materials. Papers dealing with structure and damage modelling based on atomistic and micromechanistic approaches are particularly welcome. Application of advanced experimental techniques to the investigation of structure and properties of materials will also be one of the colloquium topics. A special poster session devoted to postgraduate students and young researches will be arranged during the meeting.


  1. Atomistic models of structure and damage of crystals.
  2. 3D models of materials structure and development of damage.
  3. Deformation and fracture models based on the crystal defects behaviour and micromechanisms of damage.
  4. Numerical analysis of deformation and fracture.
  5. Advanced experimental techniques in materials science and engineering.
  6. Experimental studies on the relation between structure and mechanical properties.


MSMF-2 will be held at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Brno, Technická 2, Brno-Žabovřesky, Czech Republic.


English must be used for abstracts, papers and presentations at the Colloquium.


A one-page (A4) abstracts should be submitted to the Secretariat by December 20, 1997. The abstracts should contain the title, name of author(s), affiliation(s), full mailing address, fax number and e-mail address. The recommended topic number should also be indicated at the bottom of the abstract. Inclusion of key graphs and figures is appreciated. Postgraduate students and young scientists (up to 30 years) participating in the poster session should indicate their abstracts by "poster" at the top of the page. Authors who intend their manuscript would appear in the special issue of the Journal "Metallic Materials" or "Engineering Mechanics" should indicate the title of the proposed Journal at the top of the Abstract.


The authors will be notified of the acceptance of their abstracts and prezentations in January 1998. The Abstract Booklet will be available at the beginning of the Colloquium.


A special issues of the Journals Metallic Materials and Engineering Mechanics are considered to be devoted to the MSMF-2. Authors wishing to be included into these special issues are requested to prepare their manuscripts in accordance with the "Instructions for Authors" for the relevant Journal (in English, the size depending on the number of accepted papers). All those manuscripts should be send to the relevant editorial office by March 20, 1998 and will be refereed by an express procedure. The authoritative information about the size and the deadline of manuscripts will be extended in January 1998.


Please return the attached pre-registration form before November 30, 1997 or fill the attached form.


The conference fee will be about 1200,- Kč for the participants from the Czech Republic, about 80,- US $ for those from other countries. A slight change of these preliminary values cannot be excluded. Czech postgraduate students and young scientists participating in the poster session will pay a considerably reduced fee (or almost free of charge).


The Second Circular containing the MSMF-2 Program will be distributed in March 1998.


Pre-registration November 30, 1997
Submission of Abstracts December 20, 1997
Notification of acceptance January 31, 1998
Second Circular (Program) March 20, 1998