English must be used for papers, posters and presentations at the Conference.


A printed Abstract Booklet of all the accepted contributions will be available at the beginning of the Conference. A special issue of the journal "Materials Science Forum" devoted to the MSMF-4 will appear in December 2004. Papers for this issue will undergo a review procedure. The expenses associated with these publications will be covered by the participation fee.


Following items are mandatory for each accepted contribution:

  1. Extended abstract, size 1 page, prepared in electronic MS Word format, according to enclosed instructions (for the abstract booklet). Use file as template or read the same information in file abstract.pdf.
  2. Manuscript for the special issue of the MSF journal according to enclosed instructions. Extend: 8 pages for plenary key-notes, 6 pages for section key-notes, 4 pages for standard contributions. One paper-copy should be submitted to the conference secretariat by surface mail (for review purposes). Authors should also keep electronic versions of their manuscripts (for eventual corrections suggested by a reviewer). Use file as template or read the same information in file Article.pdf.
    Authors will be announced about the final acceptance of their manuscript, including further instructions.


Oral presentations:
45 minutes for plenary key-note lectures, including discussion. In all sessions, 30 minutes for key-note lectures and 15 minutes for all the other contributions are assigned, including discussion. Overhead projector, slide projector and data projector (for video and computer) will be available and presentations prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint are also applicable. Private laptop computer can be connected as well. Requests for special facilities should be made to the MSMF-4 secretariat before 1st June.
Poster presentations:
Posters 95×130 cm (w × h) will be arranged at the beginning of the conference. During the special time reserved for poster presentation the authors are asked to be present at their posters.