Fourth International Conference on


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in Brno, Czech Republic
June 23 - 25, 2004
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Preliminary Participation Overview

General Chairmen:

  J. Pokluda (Brno) I. Saxl (Prague) J. Švejcar (Brno)

Preliminary List of Contributions

No.ContributionAuthor(s)Plan as
Plenary lectures
C4003A Method of Analysis of the Growth of Short Fatigue CracksArthur J. McEvilyKey-note
C4042Studies of SCC and Hydrogen Embrittlement of High Strength Alloys Using Fracture Mechanics MethodsWolfgang Dietzel - Michael Pfuff - Guido G. JuilfsKey-note
C4054Stability and Mechanical Properties of NanomaterialsYuri EstrinKey-note
C4188A Model for Crack-Induced Nucleation of Dislocations, Complex Stacking Faults, and TwinsGlenn E. Beltz - M. Chang - Anna MachováKey-note
C4213Ideal Strength of Nano-Structured ComponentsTakayuki KitamuraKey-note
Section 1: Atomistic studies on deformation and fracture
C4045Theoretical Strength of Metals an Intermetallics from First PrinciplesMojmír Šob - Jaroslav Pokluda - Miroslav ?erný - Pavel Šandera - Václav VitekKey-note
C4017Electronic-Band Structure in Lithium Containing Vacancies and ImpuritiesV. A. Popov - Mikhail D. Starostenkovoral
C4031The Research of the Processes of the Fracture of Ni3Al Two-Dimensional Crystal in the Dependence on Temperature and Deformation of Overall Compression and TensionN. B. Cholodova - Mikhail D. Starostenkov - M.B. Kondratenkooral
C4036Self-Organisation of the Crystal Structure Near the Defects at the External Deformation InfluenceMikhail D. Starostenkov - G. M. Poletaevoral
C4052Atomic Scale Analysis of Defect Structures in Single Crystals by Ion Scattering and ChannellingAbdurauf A. Dzhurakhalov - Uchkun O. Kutliev - Akbarali M. Rasulovoral
C4061Ductile-Brittle Behavior of Microcracks in 3DVladimír Pelikán - Petr Hora - Anna Machová - Michal Landaoral
C4174Breakdown of the Schmid law in bcc molybdenum related to the effect of shear stress perpendicular to the slip directionRoman Gröger - Václav Vitekoral
C4176Elasticity and Stability of Fe-P Ordered Systems from First Principles.Miroslav ?erný - Jaroslav Pokludaoral
C4182Criterion of Mechanical Instability in Inhomogeneous Atomic SystemYoshitaka Umeno - Takayuki Kitamuraoral
C4200Ab-initio Study of Mechanical Properties of Transition-Metal Aluminides: a Case Study for Al3(V,Ti)Michal Jahnátek - Marian Kraj?í - Jürgen Hafneroral
C4038Locally Initiated Elastic Waves in 2D MetalsG. M. Poletaev - M. S. Aksenov - Mikhail D. Starostenkov - J. V. Patzevaposter
C4102Effect of Ordering on the Elastic Parameters of Multicomponent Ni-based SystemsJi?í Buršíkposter
Section 2: Deformation and fracture models based on crystal defects behaviour
C4021Mechanical Response of Semi-Brittle Nanoparticles under an Imposed Cyclic FieldYosef Katz - W. Mook - R. Mukherjee - A. Gidwani - J. Deneen - W. W. GerberichKey-note
C4193Multiscale Modelling of Deformation, Microstructure and Property RelationshipsZ. Xiao GuoKey-note
C4001Influence of Material State at a Crack Tip on the Process of Fatigue Striations Formation for Al-based AlloysAndrey A. Shaniavskioral
C4027A Three Dimensional Discrete Dislocation Dynamics Analysis of Fatigue in 316L Stainless Steel: Microstructure Formation and Surface Damage.Christophe J. Déprés - Christian F. Robertson - M.C. Fivel - Suzanne Degallaixoral
C4044Disorientations and their Role on the Work-Hardening in Stage IVWolfgang Pantleonoral
C4046Selforganization of Defect Structures in Crystals at DeformationsV. M. Patudin - Mikhail D. Starostenkovoral
C4049The Migration of Solute Atoms in the Stress Field of a Slowly Moving CrackPeter Streitenbergeroral
C4105Micromechanisms of Cleavage Fracture in HAZ of Low C Steel WeldsConsuelo Moya-Gutierrez - I. Ocaña-Arizcorreta - A. Martín-Meizosooral
C4130Stability and Motion of Low Angle Dislocation Boundaries in Precipitation Hardened CrystalsDavid Holec - Antonín Dlouhýoral
C4179Can Polycrystalline Microstructure Account for the Scatter in the Number of Cycles to Initiation of a High-Cycle Fatigue Crack?Maxime Sauzay - P. Blondeloral
C4037The Research of Self-Diffusion Mechanism in 2D Metals in the Conditions of the DeformationG. M. Poletaev - J. V. Patzeva - N. M. Gurova - Mikhail D. Starostenkovposter
C4106Modelling Cleavage Fracture in High Strength Steels and their WeldsRaquel Rodríguez-Martín - I. Ocaña-Arizcorreta - A. Martín-Meizosoposter
C4205Local Stress Concentrations Analysis and Their Relation to Incipient Damage Initiation in Fatigued 316L Steel, using Discrete Dislocation Dynamics ModelingChristian F. Robertson - Christophe J. Déprés - M.C. Fivel - Suzanne Degallaixposter
Section 3: Mathematical modeling microstructure, deformation and fracture
C4058The Significance of Plastic Zone Growth under Cyclic Loading and Crack Opening/Closing Model in Fatigue Crack PropagationMasahiro Toyosada - K. GotohKey-note
C4126Disclinations in the Structure of Deformed MetalsAlexei E. Romanov - P. Klimanek - M. SeefeldtKey-note
C4008Identification and Modelling of the Behaviour of a Duplex Stainless Steel by Methods of Changing ScaleFlorence Jaupitre - Suzanne Degallaix - Djimédo Kondo - Philippe Quaegebeur - P. Forgetoral
C4013Strain Heterogeneity and Damage Localization in Nodular Cast Iron MicrostructuresGianni Nicoletto - Luca Collini - Radomila Kone?ná - Petra Bujnováoral
C4048Material Separation by Non-Singular and Continuous Plastic Shear Bands (Necking, Ductile Crack Advance, Fatigue Crack Growth)Peter Neumannoral
C4073Textural Fractography of Fatigue Failures under Variable Cycle Loading.Hynek Lauschmann - Filip Šiška - Ivan Nedbaloral
C4074FEM/RUS Computational Technology for Composite MaterialsRadek Kolman - Ji?í Plešek - Michal Landaoral
C4080Damage Mechanisms and Rupture Criterion of PM Ti-6Al-4V at 20KStéphane Di?Iorio - Laurent Briottet - Edgar F. Rauch - Didier Guichardoral
C4094Dip-Test Internal Stress and the Composite Model of Creep DeformationFerdinand Dobeš - Alena Orlováoral
C4111On Crack Path in Fibres-Reinforced Ceramic CompositesTomáš Profant - Michal Kotouloral
C4142New Description of Steady-state Creep Rate, Yield Stress, Stress Relaxation, and Their InterrelationJan Kohoutoral
C4148Critical Strain Energy Density Along the Curved Front of the Growing Fatigue CrackTomáš Denk - Vladislav Oliva - Aleš Maternaoral
C4152The Formation and Destruction of the Boundary Layer in Polymer Composite Fibers during their AgeingSergiy P. Senchurov - Yu. F. Zabashtaoral
C4156Grain Size Estimation in Anisotropic MaterialsIvan Saxl - Petr Ponížil - Katarína Sülleiováoral
C4162Identification and Simulation of Multiaxial Elasto-Plastic Deformation Model. Part I: Uniaxial Model?ukasz Maciejewski - Wojciech Myszka - Gra?yna Zi?tekoral
C4172Crack Trapping in the Interface between Matrix and InclusionLuboš Náhlíkoral
C4173Influence of the Lattice Anisotropy on Models Formulated by Cellular Automata in Presence of Grain Boundary Movement: a Case StudyJi?í Krocoral
C4195On the Design and Synthesis of Intelligent Nanodevices using Modern NanotechnologiesSergey G. Psakhie - K. P. Zolnikov - Iv. S. Konovalenko - S. Blatnikoral
C4199Parameters Identification for GTN Model and their Verification on 42CrMo4 SteelVladislav Kozák - Libor Vl?ekoral
C4079Modelling of the Charpy Impact Test in the DBTT RangePetr Haušild - Clotilde Berdin - Andreas Rossollposter
C4123On the Crack Tip Shielding in Particle Reinforced CompositesJana Horníková - Pavel Šandera - Jaroslav Pokludaposter
Section 4: Multiaxial deformation and fracture
C4177Critical Planes in Multiaxial FatigueAleksander Karolczuk - Ewald MachaKey-note
C4091The Role of the Constraint in the Case of Short CracksPavel Huta? - Stanislav Seitl - Zden?k Knésloral
C4092Relation between Uniaxial and Equi-Biaxial Creep and Creep Fracture Behaviour in P91 SteelKarel Mili?ka - Ferdinand Dobešoral
C4116Computational Modelling of Spherical Cavity Behaviour in Rubber-Like SolidsPavel Skácel - Ji?í Buršaoral
C4117A Fracture Mechanics Investigation on Crack Growth in Massive FormingGernot Trattnig - Christof Sommitsch - Reinhard Pippanoral
C4137Tangent Moduli of the Green-Lagrange and Left Hencky Material Descriptions Derived from the Stored Energy Function at Finite StrainsAlena Poživilová - Ji?í Plešekoral
C4209Dislocation Structures of Duplex Stainless Steel in Uniaxial and Biaxial Cyclic LoadingMartin Petrenec - V. Aubin - Jaroslav Polák - Suzanne Degallaixoral
Section 5: Nanomaterials: technology, properties and modeling
C4025Near-Perfect Elasto-Plasticity in Nanostructured CopperYannick Champion - Cyril Langlois - C. Duhamel - S. Guérin - S. Lartigue - Patrick Langlois - Martin J. HÿtchKey-note
C4186Effect of Processing Route on Microstructure and Mechanical Behaviour of Ultrafine Grained Metals Processed by Severe Plastic DeformationVáclav Skleni?ka - Ji?í Dvo?ák - Milan Svoboda - Petr Král - Bohumil VlachKey-note
C4198Mechanical Behavior of Nanostructured Aluminum Alloys Containing Quasicrysalline PhaseYuly V. MilmanKey-note
C4033Compatibilizer Effect of Grafted Glycidyl Methacrylate on EPDM/Organoclay NanocompositesKonstantinos G. Gatos - A. A. Apostolov - József Karger-Kocsisoral
C4064Microstructure and Thermal Stability of Ultra Fine Grained Mg and Mg-Gd Alloys Prepared by High-Pressure TorsionJakub ?ížek - Ivan Procházka - Bohumil Smola - I. Stulíková - R. Kužel - Z. Mat?j - V. Cherkaska - R. K. Islamgaliev - O. Kulyasovaoral
C4066Scientific Principles of Deformation and Failure of High-Strength Nanostructured Alloys Based on Fe and AlNina I. Noskovaoral
C4072Synthesis and Characterization of the Nickel-Fullerene Nano-Structured MaterialsJi?í Vacík - Hiroshi Naramoto - Kazumasa Narumi - Shunya Yamamoto - Hiroaki Abeoral
C4140Properties of rapidly solidified Al-Ni-Zr alloysBarbora Bártová - Jan Verner - Dalibor Vojt?ch - A. Gemperle - M. ?er?anskýoral
C4203A Novel Prediction Method for Design Microstructure of Al2O3-ZrO2 Nano-CompositesHamid Sarraf - Ji?í Havrda - V. Hulínský - M. Maryška - R. Herbigoral
C4004Near-Field Optical Measurement of Carrier Recombination in InAs/GaAs Quantum DotsPavel Tománek - Pavel Dobis - Markéta Benešová - Lubomír Grmelaposter
C4071Phenomenon of the Anomalous Supersaturation in Al-Sc, Al-Mg-Sc Alloys Quenched from the Liquid StateA. L. Berezina - Tatyana A. Monastyrska - Elena A. Segida - K.V. Chuistov - U. Scmidt - A. V. Kotko - V. I. Lad’yanov - A. L. Bel’tyukov - V. A. Volkovposter
C4081Electrical Properties of Polymer CompositesTomasz Podgrabinski - Petr Slepi?ka - Vladimír Rybka - Václav Švor?íkposter
C4204Factors Influencing the Microstructure and Phase content of Ultra-fine Y-TZP CeramicsHamid Sarraf - Ji?í Havrda - V. Hulínský - M. Maryška - R. Herbigposter
C4208Annealing Behaviour of Fe-C-N Nanopowder: Formation of iron/graphite Core–Shell Structured NanoparticlesBohumil David - Nad?žda Pizúrová - Old?ich Schneeweiss - P. Bezdi?ka - J. Filip - R. Alexandrescu - I. Morjan - A. Crunteanu - I. Voicuposter
Section 6: Surface and interface microstructure and properties
C4088Anisotropic Behaviour of Grain BoundariesVáclav Paidar - Pavel Lej?ekKey-note
C4175Prediction and Control of Grain Boundary Fracture in Brittle Materials on the Basis of the Strongest-Link-TheoryTadao Watanabe - Sadahiro TsurekawaKey-note
C4010Application of Silicon for a Protection of Titanium against High-Temperature OxidationDalibor Vojt?ch - Tomáš Kubatík - H. ?ížováoral
C4023On a Testing of Mechanical Properties of Material SurfacesLadislav Berka - Nataliya V. Murafaoral
C4104Effect of Grain Boundary Segregation on Mechanical Properties of P-Doped Fe-Si AlloysJozef Janovec - Monika Jenko - Jaroslav Pokluda - Bohumil Vlach - Pavel Lej?ek - Milan Svoboda - Pavel Šanderaoral
C4197Design Tools for a Micromembrane Based on a Finite Element Method and a Finite Difference Method SimulationMohammad Hossein Abolbashari - M. Bagherioral
C4210Interaction of a Crack in the Plasma-Sprayed Ceramic Coating with the Metal SubstrateLuboš Náhlík - Zden?k Knésl - František Kroupaoral
C4030Migration of the 45°[100],(001)/(011) Asymmetrical Tilt Grain Boundary in an Fe–6at%Si AlloyVendula Havlová - Pavel Lej?ekposter
C4075Biocompatibility of Carbon layer on PolymerOlga Kubová - L. Ba?áková - Václav Švor?íkposter
C4077Biocompatibility of Polyethylene Doped with OxycelluloseRegina Mikulíková - K. Kolá?ová - L. Ba?áková - Václav Švor?íkposter
C4141Comparison of Gold Layers Prepared by Sputtering and Vacuum EvaporationPetr Slepi?ka - Tomasz Podgrabinski - M. Špirková - Václav Švor?ík - Vladimír Rybkaposter
C4144Study of the Fracture of Coating/Substrate SystemsVilma Buršíková - Ji?í Buršík - Vladislav Navrátilposter
C4155Study of Carbon Films on Silicon SubstratesZ. Frgala - O. Jašek - M. Eliáš - Ji?ina Mat?jková - Antonín Rekposter
Section 7: Advanced experimental techniques for microstructure investigation
C4002Analysis of Strain and Strain at the Atomic Scale by High-Resolution Transmission Electron MicroscopyMartin J. Hÿtch - J. L. Putaux - J. M. PénissonKey-note
C4047Cause and Effect of Factors Affecting the ΔKth of Small DefectYoshiyuki KondoKey-note
C4069Atomic Force Microscopy Study of the Early Fatigue DamageJaroslav Polák - Ji?í Man - Karel ObrtlíkKey-note
C40413D Visualisation of Short Crack propagation in an Al Alloy using High Resolution Synchrotron X-ray Microtomography.Emilie Ferrié - J. Y. Buffiere - W. Ludwigoral
C4062Analysis of Fracture Morphology and Local Loading Modes in Torsional FatigueKarel Sláme?ka - Jaroslav Pokludaoral
C4078EBSD Study of the Crack Propagation in the Fe3Al Based Intermetallic AlloyPetr Haušild - Miroslav Karlík - Jan Siegl - Ivan Nedbaloral
C4101Elastic Constants of 2H Martensite of Cu-Al-Ni Single CrystalPetr Sedlák - H. Seiner - Michal Landa - Václav Novák - Petr Šittner - Lluís Mañosaoral
C4103Elastic Properties of Structural Phases of Shape Memory Alloys Investigated by Resonant Ultrasound SpectroscopyMichal Landa - Václav Novák - Petr Sedlák - Lluís Mañosa - Petr Šittneroral
C4107Positron Annihilation Studies of Microstructure of Ultra Fine Grained Metals Prepared by Severe Plastic DeformationJakub ?ížek - Ivan Procházka - Bohumil Smola - I. Stulíková - R. Kužel - M. Cieslar - Z. Mat?j - V. Cherkaska - G. Brauer - W. Anwand - R. K. Islamgaliev - O. Kulyasovaoral
C4139Experimental Investigation of the Local Deformation Behaviour of MMCsKlaus Unterweger - Otmar Kolednikoral
C4161Application of Giant Magnetostrictive Material into Construction of Broad Spectrum Vibration GeneratorJacek Bomba - Jerzy Kaleta - Pawe? Sawaoral
C4165Experimental Identification of Magnetorheological Composites and Elastomers PropertiesJerzy Kaleta - Daniel Lewandowski - Piotr Zajacoral
C4167Grain Size Estimation by DisectorOnd?ej Spá?il - Petr Ponížil - Roman ?ermák - Ivan Saxloral
C4157Examination of Athermal Martensitic Transformation Resulting from Cyclic Deformation of Austenitic SteelBartlomiej Fassa - Jerzy Kaleta - Wojciech Wisniewskiposter
Section 8: Experimental studies on the relation between microstructure and mechanical properties
C4128Microstructural Characterization by Nondestructive MethodsPavel Luká? - Zuzanka Trojanová - F. ChmelíkKey-note
C4187Fracture Behaviour of Brittle (Glass) Matrix CompositesIvo Dlouhý - Zden?k Chlup - Aldo R. BoccacciniKey-note
C4009Effect of Structure on creep behaviour of superalloy single crystalsPetr Lukáš - L. Kunz - Milan Svoboda - Josef ?adekoral
C4011Failure Mechanisms in Ferritic-Pearlitic Nodular Cast IronRadomila Kone?ná - Petra Bujnová - Gianni Nicolettooral
C4019Strain Behaviour of Pipes Material under Dynamic LoadEva Nezbedová - Bohumil Vlach - Petr Langeroral
C4024Low Cycle Fatigue and Premature Failure of Nickel Base Superalloy.Jozef Zrník - Martin Fujda - Tomáš Seligaoral
C4028Microstructural Development in Tension and Compression Creep of Magnesium Alloy AE42Hajo Dieringa - Amanda Bowles - Norbert Hort - Karl Ulrich Kaineroral
C4051Microstructure and Creep Properties of AISI 316LN Steels with Niobium AdditionsVlastimil Vodárek - Gabriela Rožnovská - Jaromír Sobotkaoral
C4095Effect of Processing Parameters on Microstructure and Properties Of Continuously Cast Al-Mg SheetsMargarita Slámová - P. Sláma - P. Homola - Miroslav Karlíkoral
C4127Effects of Hydrogen Environment on Fatigue Characteristics of 18Cr-8Ni Stainless SteelKyohei Kawamoto - Yuuta Aoki - Yasuji Oda - Tatsuhiko Yoshimura - Hiroshi Noguchi - Kenji Higashidaoral
C4129Influence of Inclusions and Corrosion on Fatigue Characteristics of Non-combustible Mg AlloyYouichiro Kitahara - Hiroaki Shimazaki - Tomoya Yabu - Hiroshi Noguchi - Mitsuru Sakamoto - H. Uenooral
C4131Mechanical Properties of AS21 Magnesium Alloy Based CompositesZuzanka Trojanová - Zoltán Szárazoral
C4132Investigation of Dynamic Strain Ageing Effects of Low Alloy Steels 15Kh2MFA and 15Kh2NMFAMiroslava Ernestováoral
C4143Local and Global Fracture Properties in Metal Matrix CompositesIlchat Sabirov - Otmar Kolednikoral
C4154Microstructural Aspects of the Fracture of Mg and MgLi Matrix CompositesStanislav Kúdela - H. Wendrock - Stanislav Kúdela?Jr. - Lud?k Ptá?ek - S. Menzel - K. Wetzigoral
C4178Influence of Isothermal Transformation Dwel on Tensile and Fatigue Properties of Austempered Ductile IronStanislav V?chet - Jan Kohout - Klára Hanzlíkováoral
C4184Influence of Temperature on Fracture Mechanisms of Magnesium CompositesViera Gärtnerová - Mária Chalupová - Aleš Jäger - Zuzanka Trojanováoral
C4201Damping Measurements of the Magnesium Wrought Alloys AZ31, AZ61 and AZ80 after Indirect and Hydrostatic ExtrusionJürgen Göken - J. Swiostek - D. Letzig - Karl Ulrich Kaineroral
C4206Influence of Surface Skin on the Fatigue Properties of Die-Cast Magnesium Alloy AS21XTorbjörn T. Lamark - Miloš Jane?ek - Yuri Estrinoral
C4212Quanta 200 3DTM “DualBeam for 3D material characterization”Bohuslav Se?aoral
C4032Crack Growth Anomalies in Base Steel P91 and in HAZJaroslav Balík - Miloš Jane?ek - J. Peši?kaposter
C4096Ageing processes in the Al-Mg, Al-Mg-Sc alloys and their influence on the mechanical propertiesA. L. Berezina - Tatyana A. Monastyrska - O. A. Molebnyposter
C4097Influence of the Alloying on NiAl Based AlloysYu. N. Koval - G. E. Monastyrsky - Valery V. Odnosum - T. Czeppe - Anton Yu. Sezonenko - Tatyana A. Monastyrskaposter
C4180The Modulus of Elasticity and Damping Characteristics of the Glassfibre Reinforced ConcreteAnna Ryndová - Miroslav Doložílek - Jan Pilchposter

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