Fourth International Conference on


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in Brno, Czech Republic
June 23 - 25, 2004
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General Conference Chairmen:

  J. Pokluda (Brno) I. Saxl (Prague) J. Švejcar (Brno)

Preliminary List of Key-note Lectures

Arthur J. McEvilyA Method of Analysis of the Growth of Short Fatigue Cracks  plenary
Glenn E. Beltz - M. Chang - Anna MachováA Model for Crack-Induced Nucleation of Dislocations, Complex Stacking Faults, and Twins  plenary
Yuri EstrinStability and Mechanical Properties of Nanomaterials  plenary
Wolfgang Dietzel - Michael Pfuff - Guido G. JuilfsStudies of SCC and Hydrogen Embrittlement of High Strength Alloys Using Fracture Mechanics Methods  plenary
Takayuki KitamuraIdeal Strength of Nano-Structured Componentsplenary
Mojmír Šob - Jaroslav Pokluda - Miroslav ?erný - Pavel Šandera - Václav VitekTheoretical Strength of Metals an Intermetallics from First Principles  1
Yosef Katz - W. Mook - R. Mukherjee - A. Gidwani - J. Deneen - W. W. GerberichMechanical Response of Semi-Brittle Nanoparticles under an Imposed Cyclic Field  2
Z. Xiao GuoMultiscale Modelling of Deformation, Microstructure and Property Relationships  2
Masahiro Toyosada - K. GotohThe Significance of Plastic Zone Growth under Cyclic Loading and Crack Opening/Closing Model in Fatigue Crack Propagation  3
Alexei E. Romanov - P. Klimanek - M. SeefeldtDisclinations in the Structure of Deformed Metals  3
Aleksander Karolczuk - Ewald MachaCritical Planes in Multiaxial Fatigue  4
Yannick Champion - Cyril Langlois - C. Duhamel - S. Guérin - S. Lartigue - Patrick Langlois - Martin J. HÿtchNear-Perfect Elasto-Plasticity in Nanostructured Copper  5
Yuly V. MilmanMechanical Behavior of Nanostructured Aluminum Alloys Containing Quasicrysalline Phase  5
Václav Skleni?ka - Ji?í Dvo?ák - Milan Svoboda - Petr Král - Bohumil VlachEffect of Processing Route on Microstructure and Mechanical Behaviour of Ultrafine Grained Metals Processed by Severe Plastic Deformation  5
Václav Paidar - Pavel Lej?ekAnisotropic Behaviour of Grain Boundaries  6
Tadao Watanabe - Sadahiro TsurekawaPrediction and Control of Grain Boundary Fracture in Brittle Materials on the Basis of the Strongest-Link-Theory  6
Yoshiyuki KondoCause and Effect of Factors Affecting the ΔKth of Small Defect  7
Martin J. Hÿtch - J. L. Putaux - J. M. PénissonAnalysis of Strain and Strain at the Atomic Scale by High-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy  7
Jaroslav Polák - Ji?í Man - Karel ObrtlíkAtomic Force Microscopy Study of the Early Fatigue Damage  7
Pavel Luká? - Zuzanka Trojanová - F. ChmelíkMicrostructural Characterization by Nondestructive Methods  8
Ivo Dlouhý - Zden?k Chlup - Aldo R. BoccacciniFracture Behaviour of Brittle (Glass) Matrix Composites  8

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