Ninth International Conference on


Main Conference page MSMF9
in Brno, Czech Republic
June 26 - 28, 2019
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Main Conference page Ninth International Conference on
Materials Structure & Micromechanics of Fracture
MSMF9, in Brno, Czech Republic, June 26 - 28, 2019

Complementary social program

Respective time schedule can be slightly changed

scientific program find on the separate page

Tuesday June 25

On-site registration - afternoon, 16:00

Take the advantage of a more calm atmosphere to obtain conference materials and to say hello to your friends (from 16:00 to 19:00), appended by a small refreshment.


Wednesday June 26

Special program for accompanying persons: Excursion with a surprise - morning, 10:00

Learn about the modern spaces for creative activity of our university students. You will see the results of the work of the graduates as well as their teachers during procedures combining modern technologies and artistic design. Look under the hat of the processes that create the achieved prosperity of our technical university. In the end, a little surprise awaits you.

Free for accompanying persons

Special program for accompanying persons: Brno Sightseeing - afternoon, 13:00

A short walk around downtown with optional stop for local refreshment. The map of Brno centre still keeps medieval outline, although buildings are mostly of much newer origin. The outcome can be interesting - churches, streets, houses, things and places with history -old and younger. St. Peters and Pauls Cathedral, Denis Park, Cabbage Market with baroque fountain Parnas, Capuchin Crypt, Brno´s dragon, some useful lessons from history for everyday life, observation towers, and the like.

Free for accompanying persons

Welcome toast - evening, 19:00

Participants will be welcome by the representatives of the Brno University of Technology and the Central European Institute of Technology.

Free for all participants

Thursday June 27

Special program for accompanying persons: Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape - day-long trip, van departure 9:00

Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape is one of World Heritage sites and is a part of World Heritage Journeys. The Lednice castle is one of the most visited monuments in our Czech republic. Neo-Gothic reconstruction in the 19th century, it has created a residence surrounded by one of Europe's largest parks (almost 200 ha), in which the visitor finds the Palm House, the Venetian fountain, Roman aqueduct, the Chinese Pavilion, artificial ruins, minaret and Johns Castle. In the morning, accompanying persons will visited the representative halls are located on the ground floor of the chateau – they served as venue for social events, balls etc. The chateau as it looks today dates from 1846-1858, when Prince Alois II decided that Vienna was not suitable for entertaining in the summer, and had Lednice rebuilt into a summer palace in the spirit of English Gothic. The hall on the ground floor would serve to entertain the European aristocracy at sumptuous banquets, and was furnished with carved wood ceilings, wooden panelling, and select furniture, surpassing anything of its kind in Europe.

In the afternoon they will visit the Lednice French Park and the English Garden, which reflects a half-thousand-year-long continuous effort by the Liechtenstein family to build a perfect and harmonious world and build on the castle grounds. Part of the park is a replica of a Roman aqueduct connected with a piled rock that hides a romantic artificial cave called Hell. It is possible to sail by boat or ride by horse carriage.
Expected return to Brno about 4 pm.

Lunch included
Free for accompanying persons

Thursday June 27

Conference dinner - evening 19:00

As part of the Conference, a party will be given in the evening - a get-together and friendly chat over a glass of wine.

Part of full registration

Friday June 28

Special program for accompanying persons: Gregor Johann Mendel - a father of genetics - morning 9:00

All accompanying persons are invited to the visit a Mendel Museum, which is located on the grounds of the Augustinian Abbey, right where this humble genius lived and worked. It features an exhibition exploring Mendel’s life as an abbot, a scientist, and a person, The first part of museum deals with life in the abbey, the second introduces Mendel as a person, the third presents his interests (breeding, fruit-growing, beekeeping, and meteorology), the fourth shows Mendel as the scientist who discovered the laws of inheritance, and the last deals with significant events in the history of genetics. The museum’s exterior features a garden with the preserved foundations of the greenhouse in which Mendel conducted his pea experiments, as well as garden beds and a beehive. There is also a meteorological station continuing the tradition of the one used by Mendel, which can be seen inside the museum.

Free for accompanying persons

Lunches (Wed, Thu, Fri)

The Organizing Committee will ensure lunches for Conference participants on the Conference premises. The approximate price per lunch is about CZK 100.00 (about 4 €), to be paid in CZK when taking the meal.
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